Project Description

Moazzam Ansar – Producer & Director

The video series of “Sitaron Say Aagay” highlights the following features:
Patriotism, Quranic Science, Secular Science, General Knowledge, Islamic Teachings


Description of Story: A group of meritorious children who are practicing Muslims, true patriots, fighting against a very strong and powerful evil villain, who wants to misguide people and destabilize Pakistan.

The base stations of both the groups are in the outer space. Villain plans and executes different strategies to misguide Muslims and to destabilize Pakistan. Children fight back to save Pakistan


Creative and Offbeat

This visual stylistic approach come across to viewers as somewhat loud, much like the flashy style, but the difference is that the creative approach tends to feel a little more sporadic, which is why it’s the preferred style of creatives.
While this video style may also involve bright and bold color choices and other attention-grabbing elements, the overall visual result is usually far more unique and funky than most other distinct visual video styles.

These more creative kinds of videos may employ unique frame compositions and unusual patterns, whether through graphics or angles, and the content they present is typically more original and offbeat or presented in a more unique way than that in other videos.


Primarily Children. Universal


This shows that our greatest danger lies in our ignorance of Education and Islamic teachings and in our unawareness of what the Quran teaches and what guidance The Prophet (SAW) has given.


The majority (99.9%) of the scenes are indoors (Green Screen), involving props and environment of most modern and futuristic spaceships, so we are confident we would be able to develop virtual locations with these characteristics.